Forthcoming Teleconsultation Sessions:
The Cash Management & Trade Finance Trends and Satisfaction Report 2012
January, 17th 2013, 4:30 am - 4:45 pm (Singapore)
Date: January, 17th 2013 (Thursday)
Time: 4:30 am - 4:45 pm

For more information,
please contact:
Genadeth Amorin
+65 6236 6529

The Asian Banker recently completed its annual transaction banking trends and satisfaction survey of international banks across Asia. Key industry trends and developments were charted, and an in-depth assessment of international transaction banks’ client relationships with domestic financial institutions was carried out.

In this teleconsultation session, you will discover the key industry trends and developments occurring within the transaction banking scene, in cash management and trade finance. Find out how domestic banks in Asia view international banks to which they subscribe to for transaction banking services, and the criteria by which these international service providers are appraised.

The findings of this survey would be invaluable for internal benchmarking by international and top tier local transaction banks to identify strengths, preferences and satisfaction levels among their FI clients. This allows them to gauge the satisfaction and success of their engagement with the local FI community, enabling them to develop better ways to serve their clients.

We invite you to attend a teleconsultation session to share the results of this survey.

Key areas of discussion include:

  • Survey results presentation by Emmanuel Daniel, CEO, The Asian Banker
  • Best practices, emerging themes, and key innovations in cash management and trade finance by international and domestic transaction banks in Asia
  • Key selection criteria, business strength, and satisfaction scores for the overall transaction banking business, cash management, trade finance and international clearing and settlement

This teleconference session is a must for Heads/Managers of:

  • Transaction banking
  • Cash management
  • Trade finance
  • Treasury
  • Trade solutions
  • Directors of financial institutions
  • Trade product marketing and development
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